Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Whole Lotta Pictures!

We were thrown right into summer with moving down here! When we lived in Luverne, it was in the upper 50s and 60s on average but once we moved down here, it's been in the upper 70s and lower 80s! Our family seemed to have skipped Spring...maybe we lost that in Iowa on the way to Nebraska :) Not that I'm complaining about warmer weather, but that means that my project tomorrow will be going through all the kids' clothes and putting away their long sleeves for short ones...and I have lots of little kids, remember? And it was quite the difference for Nathan, who works outside, to go from showing up at work with 2 sweatshirts on to showing up in just a t-shirt!

We are enjoying living in a house rather than an apartment....although for some reason now I am completely swamped with 'house' duties all day and don't seem to have any spare time in the day. Not that I had a lot before, but it seems less now and the only difference with us is that we live in a house! There is either windows to be washed, floors to be swept, clothes to wash....which is interesting in itself....When we lived in Luverne, I managed to get by with only doing about 3 loads per week (yes, the kids would re-wear clothes like all the time, but who cares?...they were clean!) but now I do a few loads every other day or so! But I think it's because here we play outside and if you take 3 little boys plus grass, dirt, and bugs you get a whole lotta laundry! But I found something really cool in our yard the other'll hafta look at the pictures to see what it was!!!
(Sorry it's sideways!!) Wonder what she was dreamin' about??

Caedmon still lines his cars in a row

My little strawberry!....who, by the way, started smiling last Saturday, on her 6 week birthday!

gotta love the berry on the butt!!

Brayan taking over Ariella's chair

....I don't even know what to say....

A CLOTHES LINE!!!! That's what I found the other day. I completely did not see it next to the garage until we were playing out there just the day before yesterday. I still had rope from hanging our clothes last summer in Garner so I grabbed it and up went my clothes line! Isn't it beautiful?!? What? You don't think that a clothes line is beautiful?? Well, live in an apartment for awhile and you will come to think they are beautiful! I actually really enjoy doing laundry now...crazy huh?!

What are they looking at???.....the train going by (you can kinda see it, it's yellow). The bad part is that the tracks are just a few hundred feet (yards?..I don't know but it's close!) from our place, very very noisy at night when they blast their horns for 5 mins straight at 2am. I'm sorry but I really don't think anyone is sitting on the tracks at that time of day, do they really need to sit on their horn long enough for our windows to rattle?? I mean, come on people!!

Little stairway to house from carport

Trivia question: What do you get when you mix Brayan's big butt and a cheap plastic egress window cover???????
This. He was backing up and must have tripped on that wood edge and down he went! I didn't see it but apparently it was pretty funny :) (Of course he was okay and the hole is only a few inches deep so he didn't fall down, he just got stuck in the plastic)

Just hangin' out!

I think she was trying to say something....

Inside of the garage where Nathan made his little workout corner

back/side of the house

back yard

The side yard from the back

Our garage

Brayan's room

more of Brayan's room..yes, I love those cheap hanging deals for the closet!! So nice to put their clothes in!!

The bathroom upstairs

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
so very interesting to follow you through your moving out, your trip to Nebraska and those daily little things a MUM experiences with her kids..such as Bryan in the hole !!!.
The house looks super and I am sure you'll get to love it .
don't forget to send me your telephone number and oh you should take to writing real stories for you have a gift in writing .