Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who Says Learning Has To Be Boring?!

(I've done a few different posts today, so make sure you scroll down and can see them all! I had a lot to post today!! :)

I've been working for a couple days on making educational activites for my boys to do. They need stuff to keep their hands and minds busy, or they are into everything they are not supposed to be! I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but did spend a little on some beads, etc....but I wanted to mostly use what we already have. Two things we have a lot of are cardboard boxes (imagine that!?!) and I put two and two together. The kids LOVE doing their activities and don't even know they are learning at the same time! Tiernan was doing a bunch of these yesterday and after he was done he said "Ok Mom, now I want to do school." I was like "Tiernan, you are doing school!....This is school!" :) He was having such a good time. I still need to rack my brain though for harder ones to come up with since Tiernan's pretty quick with these. If you have any good ideas, let me know!

Tiernan "sewing" with yarn and cardboard. I made a lot of these of all different shapes and sizes. Some of them I wrote numbers by and he has to follow them like dot to dot and when he's done, he has a sewn a pattern of some sort, ie: a house. He likes those.

Making the alphabet

Sorting the animals that live on land vs in the water

matching game

Matching upper case letters with lower case

Putting beads on pipe cleaners...they all loved this!


Sorting coins into egg cartons

matching game


adding the stickers and finding the right number for the answer

finding pairs of 2 things that go together

matching shapes

playing with beaded necklaces

another matching game

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