Monday, March 30, 2009

First Days Back

Since Nathan decided to stay at my parents house until Thursday, we decided that it would be best for the rest of us to leave at that same time so we could caravan together. It worked out wonderfully! I had the kids in the van while we followed Nathan in his car. We stopped in Granite Falls (almost exactly half way) at Hardees so the kids could get their wiggles out (they have a little enclosed play area) and so Ariella could eat. She didn't make a peep in the van the whole way! What a good girl!

The first few days back home have been wonderful!! Right when we first came into our apartment, Tiernan goes "wow! it's all picked up in here!" :) Nathan did a good job of keeping the apartment clean while we were gone. I told Tiernan it should look like that all the time! Although after 5 minutes of being home, we had all our stuff all over the place again....sigh...

Sleep has been going well for everyone! The boys are sleeping in until about 7am or so, which is a lot later than they did at my parents house! And even Tiernan has taken a nap a couple times, giving me time to take a nap as well! Ariella is a great sleeper too. The first few nights back here, she slept from about 9:30pm-ish until about 8am-ish, waking up only once to eat!! I tried to get her up more than that (because I needed to feed her!) but she only wanted to sleep! Last night she was up a few times but she just gets her fill and right back to sleep she goes!

We actually ventured out to church yesterday morning, and even with getting all 4 of the kids ready, showering ourselves, feeding the baby, etc, we were on time!! They welcomed us back with hugs and even announced Ariella's birth during the service!

Al came over last night to visit and to meet Ariella. He will be leaving on Wednesday morning to head back to France. (Well, first he's making a stop in Florida, but then he will be leaving the states for good). We have enjoyed getting to know him and our kids (especially Brayan!!) will miss him coming by. Al couldn't believe how small Ariella was and he said that she makes him want to have a baby :) We told Al that he should find a wife soon and settle down....maybe when he gets back to France :) He also asked if we knew of anyway he could rent a baby...hehe. I told him it's called 'babysitting' and then they pay you to watch their baby! He thought that sounded good.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.....

Tiernan snugglin' with Al

Brayan was jealous when Al was holding Ariella...he wanted a turn!

I'm not sure what kind of face this is, but it's sure cute!!

Her first 'sun bath' :)

So sweet.....

All dressed up for church...she was adorable!

So sleepy

The boys keep busy during our first day back home without Dad. Tiernan doing a floor puzzle and the other two playing with animals. (And yes, that is a work-out bench for our sitting arrangements at the table....ya gotta do what ya gotta do!)

Check out that double chin!

Just perfect

The shirt says it all...."Pretty Girl"

What Nathan took to work with him to give to the guys....Twix bars with pink ribbon wrapped around them :)

After singing "Happy Birthday" to Ariella before we left G & G's.

Our first family picture

So girlie

Big yawn....

Snuggled in the sling

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