Monday, March 16, 2009

How Things Are Going

My midwife Joy came over to my parents house today for my appt to make sure she remembered how to get there, where all my supplies were, etc. At the appt, she said that I still don't "look" term (even though I am!!) and that most of her patients are as big as I am at 20 weeks :) Last week I measured at 32 when I was 37 weeks, remember that? Well, today, at 38 weeks, I measured at 30 :) Most woman get bigger towards the end of pregnancy, well...I get smaller ...hehe :) Of course the reason why my belly decreased in size was due to the fact that my baby dropped and is now nice and snuggled in my pelvis just waiting to come out!! Joy also said that the baby's head was between a +1 and a +2 station (+3 is out :) and that I'm a "very stretchable" 4-1/2 centimeters dilated!! whoo hoo!! That means that I am almost 5 cms and already half way done dilating before going into labor!! I went for a walk today and will go on another one before the nights over (I hope!) in order to encourage things along. I'm guessing this baby will come more sooner than later, but I guess we will just have to wait and see!!

Hopefully my last weekly belly picture! What'd ya think??

38 weeks!!!

Nathan got off work an hour early on Saturday so he decided to make the drive up and see us! He stayed for most of the day yesterday and then traveled back to Luverne last night. While he was here we enjoyed him immensely and also we were able to go to the homeshow at the civic center! It was a great time.

Tiernan with Nathan's parents, eating his (late) birthday cake! Doesn't he look so grown up???

Snugglin' with Grandpa Ron on the couch in the morning

Tiernan sledding with his friend at their house.

Grandma Barb singing the "color song" and doing actions with the kids before bed.

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