Monday, March 9, 2009

We're Ready Baby!

After a long enough drive, we've made it to St Cloud! The kids and I left this morning around 9:15am after breakfast and got to St Cloud about 3-1/2 hours later. So officially, I am ready for baby!! We got settled in today at my parents house and I just hope it isn't weeks and weeks that we are waiting! Nathan is continuing to work and will visit on the weekends when possible. It will be hard to be away from him since we are not used to being apart, but again, hopefully it won't be too long!!

Finally eating lunch at 1:30pm when we came to St Cloud this afternoon. I didn't know how this would go since I was by myself with the kids, but they were so good! After being in the car for so long, I thought they'd be all over the place, but they weren't! Then I couldn't find a high chair for Brayan, so again I thought 'oh great, he'll be all over' but he wasn't! This is a picture I snapped while we were eating. Each kid just sat so nice, ate their food and we left the store just as nice! The older boys holding hands walking to the van while I carried Brayan....just wonderful :)

37 weeks!! I was wearing this last night and Nathan said to me "You don't even look pregnant, you just look like a fat lady" HA! I said "ok, which is better....looking pregnant or looking fat??"....I think I'd rather look pregnant :) (And yes, I got a hair's way shorter than I wanted it, but not much you can do after the scissors closes!)

My boys before church

Tiernan had a fever the other day that lasted just one day...this is what he did to stay busy while he wasn't feeling like doing much. He played games on the computer while laying in our bed.

"What, Mom?...all I had was a little cottage cheese..."

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