Friday, March 19, 2010

get well soon.

I tried to do a post last night but my pictures wouldn't work...still won't.

All the kids have been sick during the last week.

I caught what they had yesterday, still am not feeling great.

The water pipe slipped off the other pipe in the bathroom (nice description, I know...but I don't know what the parts are called!) and was gushing water every where. (Yes, again...last time it was in the kitchen, remember?) But I heard it pop and shut the water off immediately) And, again, it was a blessing that we were home and not gone!!! and that the cupboard that it busted in was the where we keep all the towels. But...we can't figure out how to make it it's time to call a plumber tomorrow!

On a better note, it was 72 and sunny today, supposed to be 76 tomorrow and 78 on Sunday. I'll take that.

For now I'll leave you with this pic and explain the peaceful but soooo not peaceful walk we went on the other day in a different post...maybe when my pictures are working and when I don't have a fever.

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