Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i lied.

I told you the next post in the "tour de rv" post was going to be the dining room. It's not. It's going to be a bedroom. And can you guess who's bedroom??

I'll give you a hint.....

Yes, it's sweet Ariella's!

Here is the view from the door....

..nice and wide, I know! When we first moved here, I had the hardest time trying to figure out where Ariella would sleep. For awhile she slept with me in our bed since she was pretty used to that anyway. But then she started moving at night...a I wanted to move her elsewhere. We tried putting the big pack n play out in the living room every night, that wasn't so fun. Then we tried putting it into the bedroom but it was too wide. Then I created a little 'fort' for her in the bunk bed with a blanket but it was too hard to get her in and out. Then I found the perfect solution!! A travel pack n play! It is 20% smaller than the normal size pack n play and is super light weight! It fits perfectly, as you can see, and the best part was that it was on clearance when I bought it and I saved $30!....and she's slept in it ever since!

I needed somewhere to put the coats...and in the closet there's not that much room so just about a week or so ago, I got a great idea! (To which Nathan said that it was my best idea yet!) I got a tension rod and hung it across Ariella's room above her bed...and that's where their coats go! Out of the way!

Since no one is sleeping the the bunk beds in her room, I use it for storage. I didn't want to have a bunch of stuff in them and not have them covered with something because I think that's such an eye I made curtains for them! I searched a bunch of places and had very limited selection for fabric so I decided to buy a queen sheet set, cut it, sew it, and make curtains! I just bought a couple long tension rods for this and I think it works like a charm. Now no one has to look at ugly totes. It makes it more clean looking.

On the top bunk, I keep the kids' books, egg cartons that need to go back to the farm, a tote with kids' sheets and pillow cases, and totes with all the kids' homeschool curriculm. On the bottom bunk, I keep some totes with toys, a tote with my creative memories albums in it, one with some bag activities for the kids, and some puzzles (I've since added a big tote with all the puzzles in it)

Under the bunks there are 6 drawers and in them is where I keep our video camera, plastic storage containers (for food, etc), paper plates and ziploc baggies, and some misc stuff like the bag that the pack n play goes in, etc.

This is the view of the closet (it's hard to get far enough away since the room is a whole 2 ft wide!)

On this side of the closet (it goes through into the boys' room) is where I keep the kids' shirts. Each child has their own stack. On the very bottom of the closet is where the rain boots go, as well as 2 baskets, one with hats, mittens, etc and one with shoes.

On the very top of the closet I keep diapers and wipes. Above the closet there is a storage space (see the door for it?) that also goes through to the boys' room and that is where I keep extra blankets!

There is a door that is next to her might have to scroll up and look at the first pic to see it...That is the 2nd bathroom. Maybe I'll clean it out in order to post pics, but for right now, it's full of empty boxes :)

And that's Ella Bella's room!

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