Sunday, March 14, 2010

this weekend.

It rained. And rained. And rained some more!

The good news about that was that Nathan was home for 3 days!! Friday, Saturday and today he showed up for work and they sent the guys home shortly after that! It has been so nice having him around and really having a nice relaxing weekend!

I was able to do something that I normally don't shop by myself!!! I never really thought I'd be so excited to go to a grocery store, but I was! So instead of my cart looking like this,

Or like this,

Or like this,

It was actually able to look like this!

It was definitely weird to ONLY have groceries in my cart!!

I even had some time to swing by Goodwill and check for any deals!

Then yesterday Nathan decided he didn't want to sit in the camper all day so we drove about 40 minutes to the city where his sister and family live. Nathan also knew that he wanted to buy each of the boys a new outfit(Ariella has plenty :). We have been so blessed by people giving us boy clothes that we literally have never purchased them actually outfits from the store, ever!! So it was fun to shop around (but a little difficult to please Daddy...he's picky!) After going to a bunch of stores with the kids, we decided to buy things later when the kids were at their cousins house.

Speaking of being at the mall with the still amazes me at all the stares we get!! We might as well be walking around in a clown outfit and a shirt with blinking lights! While pushing the double stoller and having Tiernan hold one side of the stroller and Caedmon holding the other, we get SO many lookers and people who will stop us or say comments loud enough for us to hear. We hear mostly postive comments or questions like "are these all yours?" "how old are you?" etc. Yesterday was probably the most fun we have had with 'onlookers'.

For example, while strolling through Penny's, a lady working there said "Ma'am" as I passed but I didn't know she was speaking with me so I kept on walking. She then said loudly "Excuse Me! Ma'am?!" (Nathan and the kids kept walking). So I turned, 'yes?' "Are those all your kids??" "Yes" "Those(as she points in their direction)..All your kids?!?!" "Uh, yeah" "And you look like that?!" ::what do you say to that?!:: --I smiled, and she continued-- "Those are all your kids and you look like that?? (She turns to grab another co-workers attention) "Hey, look!...Those are all her kids and she looks like this. Girl, you look fabulous!" --Still smiling and blushing, getting embarrassed since this lady wasn't exactly quiet-- "Thanks!" I said as I hurried to get back to my family who was now quite a ways ahead. So I guess when someone wants to stop me to give me a compliment I don't mind quite so much!! :)

So after we left the mall, we stopped by Sarah's house for a visit. Her and I ran to a couple stores, but since I was nervous about buying something for the boys that Nathan didn't like (heaven forbid! :), the only thing I got was a shirt for Tiernan and he ended up liking it! (whew!)

And since Sarah and Jack were so gracious to watch the kids for a while, we ran off to find some clothes! We went to a bunch of stores but ended up getting things from The Children's Place, Kohls, and JCPennys.

Can you tell why I sometimes have a hard time figuring out whose clothes are whose when I'm doing the laundry?!?

And after we got back, both of the little boys were sleeping! I told Sarah "Well, I guess we can leave again!" :) Caedmon was feeling a little under the weather and Brayan must of had a long day. I wish they would do this at home!!!

Since the little boys have a cough, I decided I would stay home with them while Tiernan and Nathan went to church. It's always fun for Tiernan to go with us alone, so he had a special time with Dad. Then this afternoon Nathan took the boys to the park so I was able to have some peace and quiet!!! I actually got a lot accomplished, mostly things that have to do with the 'homemakers manuel' that I'm making! I'm so excited about's going to allow me to be soooo much more organized! I'm going to have lists for everything (daily, weekly, monthly tasks; grocery lists, receipts, menus plans, goals, budget stuff, book reading lists, contacts, and so much more!! I'll share more once I have a handle on it..right now I'm at the beginning stages.

Hope you all had a great of a weekend as me!!

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