Monday, March 22, 2010

new territory.

Ok, so bare with me!!

I have so much that is swirling around in my head about stuff I want to blog about and some *new* stuff that I want to add to my blog periodically, such as 'space saving tips' (yeah, I've learned a lot about that lately!!) 'cooking tips', 'frugal tips', etc. I really don't know where to start!!

And now that the 5 out of 6 of us that have not been feeling well the past couple weeks are doing better, I think I might have some time to organize my thoughts!!

And speaking of organizing....I am still so excited to show you my Home Manuel that I made that I literally don't know how I lived before I had it!! It's my 'go-to' for most everything now!

But for now I will leave you with these 2 things....


If you need somewhere inside to hang clothes to dry and don't want them scattered around your house hanging on everything that has a hook or empty corner (been there, done that!), buy a tension rod and hang it across your bathtub. Then hang your wet clothes on hangers and hang them from the tension rod. You could also put the tension rod in a walk-in closet or if you're like me and just happen to have a bedroom that is only 2-1/2 ft wide, you could hang it in there!


Doesn't that just make ya laugh?! :) It was so nice out yesterday (almost 80!) and whenever I told her to look at mommy, she wrinkled up her face :)

It was also nice because Nathan got off work early because of some equipment problems, so he was home with us! We took a nice nap, all of us!, and then picked up some dilly bars at the DQ for dessert. Everyone, including Ariella, enjoyed those.

I really cannot believe this sweet girl is already a year old!! We were thinking back to her birth story and looking at the pictures when she was welcomed into this world at Grandma and Grandpa's and it seems as though it was a few short weeks ago!

She finally has a tooth though!! Her top front left tooth made an appearance a week or so ago! Now I'm sure all the rest will soon follow :) Her favorite (and only) thing she says is "Uh uh" (as in No). She says it in response to everything, it's so cute! She is also taking a few steps in between stuff (usually 3-6), but won't walk when we want her too. She is a happy baby and we have been completely blessed with having her in our family! We love you Ariella!!

And this is also 'new' territory for me because my baby just turned 1 and I am not pregnant NOR do I have a newborn! When Tiernan turned 1, I was pregnant with Caedmon. When Caedmon turned 1, Brayan was 2 weeks old. And when Brayan turned 1, I was pregnant with Ariella. Yes, it definitely feels a little weird but we are enjoying this stage. (But, yes, we would like more kids...:)

My other 'new' territory has been that I only have ONE CHILD in diapers!! It actually has been like this for a couple/few months now as Brayan was potty trained shortly after moving into the RV. (which is another thing I'll be posting about...potty training) I haven't had only 1 kid in diapers since Caedmon was born, 3-1/2 years ago! It's always been 2 kids and TWICE it was 3 in diapers at the same time! Whew! I hardly even feel like I change dipaers anymore...which is a great thing!! :)

Well, lunch time!

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MommyD said...

only one in diapers?? What will you do with all your spare time? Oh yeah......cook and blog! :>)