Monday, March 8, 2010


Well I don't have too much for my Not Me Monday today...

The only thing I could think of quick was that last night as I was setting the table, Nathan says "How come we aren't using paper plates?" I've been using paper plates for supper (and maybe lunch!) for the most part to limit my dishes in the evening when my energy is pretty well spent!


On a more sober note....

We thought we'd be moving in the next few days to a farm that had about a half an acre all fenced in, trees, just a perfect setting...but it fell through and won't happen. It's been a hard afternoon for me as I was so excited to move there to have a place for my boys to run, a place for us to plant a garden, a place to just enjoy the outdoors. We just have to trust that that is not where the Lord wants us at the moment and hopefully another door will be opened soon.


Here is the snow we have left.

Not too much given that last month it looked like this!

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