Saturday, March 6, 2010

mini me.

Okay, so I couldn't resist making a skirt for Ariella that matches mine! (See post below if you haven't already!) I whipped it together just now within a few minutes.

I had a pair of pants that I put in the wash this morning to go into the Goodwill bag because they were getting short on her...perfect for making the skirt! I pulled them from the dryer (still wet!) in order to cut them and sew on the skirt pieces. (No, I couldn't wait for them to dry...I was too excited and motivated so I needed to do it then!)

Isn't it adorable?! I'm sure it will look WAY cuter on but since it is still wet...I'll hafta show you a picture of her in it another time :) I set the remote by it so you'd get an idea of how big it was.

What else can I make?!

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