Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today was "one of those days".....again.

But don't worry...I had it all picked up (and vacuumed!) by the time Nathan got home. And the boys were even sitting quietly on the couch when he walked in the door. If he only knew...


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I was just curious, is it harder to live in your rv with kiddos than you were thinking it would be? I'm sure the weather has not helped!


Dawn said...


I knew it would probably be challenging and if you asked my husband the answer would be 'yes'. But is it harder than I thought?...not really. I got just as annoyed with them living in a house as I do now :) The hard part is not being able to be outside. We live in a campground that isn't very family friendly so we are currently trying to find somewhere else to park. And my boys are VERY active and very close in age and they NEED day after day being in here can get hard...but not harder than I thought...does that make any sense? haha :) Thanks for the question!