Saturday, March 6, 2010

broom skirt.

When we were back in Nebraska, I had gotten a skirt at the thrift store for $2.00 and a bunch (4 yards!) of fabric for $3.00 total, both of which I thought would work great to make a broom skirt with.

Since I'm (fairly) new at sewing and usually have no idea what I'm doing (remember how I could never be a quilter??), I searched the web for some directions in making a nice flowy broom skirt. I've made a couple skirts before, one from a pair of jeans and another from sewing 2 dresses together, but I hadn't made this kind of skirt yet.

Since I love the fabric, I have been excited to make it but since moving into the rv, I haven't really had the time or ambition to take out my sewing machine and start it. Well, yesterday I did it!!

I started in the afternoon and then put it away and finished after the kids went to bed. It was fairly simple and I followed these steps:

1) Measured my hips at the widest part and added 8 inches. That would be my first strip. Then added 12" to that and that was my 2nd, then 20" to the second and that would be my 3rd. (all 11" wide)

2)Cut the fabric into 3 long strips and sew them into tubes.

3)Then I cut the jean skirt about 10 inches from the top.

4)I gathered the fabric on the first tube and sewed it to the jean skirt. Now I had my first layer.

5)Then I repeated step #4 for the 2nd and 3rd tube.

6)Then I hemmed the bottom and....taadaa....a super cute skirt!


Emily said...

I made a skirt like this once. It immediately became my favorite, and I wore it completely out! I really should sew another one. Yours turned out so cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I just bought to skirts at a consignment, because I loved the fabric. I plan to resew them -- I had made askirt similiar to this a long time ago -- thanks for the re-idea!