Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Afternoon Project

I wanted to make a skirt from a pair of I did!

I was in the thrift store in town with all 4 kids (so needless to say I wasn't lolly-gagging!) and I passed the jeans. I shuffled through them quick and spotted one that I thought might fit me. I took a chance and bought them, tried them on when we got home, and bingo!, they fit! I had the idea of trying to make a skirt from a pair of jeans in the back of my head and since I only paid $3 for the jeans, I thought these would make the perfect pair to try.

So I googled how to make a skirt from a pair of jeans and read a few directions. I grabbed my jeans and my seam ripper and away I went! I was finished in time to take a shower and get dressed (with my new skirt on of course!) before Nathan got home. Once he got home, he noticed my skirt so I asked him "Do you know where I got it?" He said "Etsy?" Which is a HUGE compliment since we were looking at skirts on there the other day (that's the website with only handmade things on it and some ladies make some sweet skirts! But those skirts also have some big price tags of $100 or more!) So anyway, him thinking I got it from there was nice to hear :) Although he should know better since I don't think I'd ever pay that much for something I could possibly figure out to do on my own! :)

And it also was a compliment that he thought I bought it since I've only been sewing for 3 months, and that's mostly been aprons and I Spy Bags :)

But one thing I did learn, which I guess I already knew but this just confirmed it...that I could never and I mean never be a quilter!! I don't know how my mom makes such awesome quilts. I am sooooo not a precision seamstress (I just realized why they say 'seamtress' instead of sew-er...because then it would be written as sewer..and that's no good :) Anyway...about the precision...I just sew and hope it looks good when I flip it over! Haha! For real, I use pins, but most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing. I just learn as I go!

Here are some pics of my skirt as I'm making it and then once it's done. I was goin' for the 'flowy' look. (which also gives me room to move!) What do you think??

Ripped out the seams.....

Sewed the front together, the back is open to place the fabric on....

The finished back view....

Sorry for the blur...silly camera...

Side view (although the bottom cuff is curled really is straight :)

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Shanni ♥ said...

So I have been back reading your blog for the last hour or so! haha

You are so thrifty! Such an inspiration!

I would love to get into money saving techniques and more into cooking (I've seen your dehydration stories) and I think it is awesome that you guys have chosen to move into a RV to help with all the moving around you do for your husbands job!

How many kids do you plan on having? Is your move into the RV a temporary move, how long do you think you will live there?

And post more pictures of your "home" =) I love how organized and everything it all is!!