Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Have Arrived!

Just a quick post to let you all know that we made it to Culpeper VA safe and sound! It has definitely been a trying time for us since everything seems to be going wrong with pretty much everything, but we (I mostly) are trying to take it in stride and keep calm. So what exactly has been happening? Well....

1) RV got dented/scratched/banged up on the side by the snow blower at best western before it even got out to our campground

2) The RV that is in our spot in the campground hasn't moved yet so we are in a temporary spot that is only 30AMP electric (we have 50 amp) so some stuff doesn't work and we don't want to set up our septic, etc only to move in a couple days.

3) The water was leaking outside (..Nathan fixed that)

4) The water under our sink leaks (..Nathan kinda fixed that)

5) We couldn't get out outlets to work all day (a few mins ago we figured that out)

6) Our microwave doesn't have any buttons on it, it's supposed to be operated by it's matching range...yeah well we don't have the matching range....nice.

7) Our water filter doesn't work since we are at a different elevation it has to be reset...don't even ask me where the reset valve is.

Those are just a few things...

BUT....we DID meet some AWESOME friends who live about an hour away who's house we stayed at last night. (yeah, the first time we met them was last night and we stayed at their house...but they were cool and they are cousins of some friends of ours back in NE so it was all good!) AND they gave us 2 bags full of groceries AND a crock pot full of chili to bring home! Awesome! Thank you guys!! We love you already!!

AND our kids love their new beds (pics to come later..I'm tired :)

AND our heat works

AND out water works

AND I have all our clothes put away and my bed is made.

So I'm trying to focus on the good....

Oh, AND my internet works!! YAY!

More updates later, for now....SLEEP!

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