Monday, December 28, 2009

Forgot it was Monday

Well, things seem to be settling down here a little bit. We are getting a little more used to living in a camper and it seems more 'like home' when our things are all put away and in their own spot.

We have now moved to our 'permanent' spot (we were in a temp spot since someone was in it when we got here and bc of the snow they couldn't get their camper out) and it's way nicer being in this spot. It's more in the trees and we have a long driveway so no one has to walk past our camper or anything. Plus we are on the end so we only have one neighbor on the one side of us. (And since we have already 'moved'...I know what it's going to be like going from one job to the next...just unplug and go! HOW NICE!! No rentals, no packing, no u-hauls...!!!

There have been a few tricky things that we've learned, like having to put heat tape covered with insulted tubing that is duct taped on along our water hose so our water lines don't freeze over night, or unplugging the heater while we have our skillet or toaster plugged in so we don't trip our breaker. (We've tripped that thing so many times since we've been here!..but now that we are getting used to what we can and can't have on at the same time, it's getting less often :)

But there are some things that I just love about camper living. 1) Everything HAS to be in it's place or we can't walk, etc. I LOVE having to be so organized. 2) I LOVE having to do the dishes right's not even an option. If we dirty a plate, it's washed, dried, and put away before we leave the kitchen. 3) I LOVE my central vac! We plug that puppy in several times a day and just suck up anything that's on the floor and it makes it look so nice in here! 4) I LOVE being right where the action is. ex) when i'm making supper, my whole family is right behind me in the living room or at the table.

Yes there are certain things that you have to get used keeping my bananas and bread in the oven bc there's no other place to put them, or storing my crock pot in the 'spare' bathroom (we turned the 2nd bath into a storage room :) or feeling like you're in an airplane bathroom sometimes when sitting on the toilet bc the kids are running around shaking the place...I can actually say it's starting to feel like home.

(Sorry no Not Me Monday this week...forgot it was Monday so didn't think of anything...gotta wait til next week!)

Is she not just the prettiest little girl you've ever seen?!?!

The kids on Christmas day before going to Uncle Jack and Aunt Sarah's

We couldn't find Brayan at Sarah's house for a few mins...then we found the closet eating a candy cane :)

Ariella taking a little nap with Aunt Sarah

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