Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Boy

I had to go back and read my last post to see where I left off since SO much happened yesterday!!

We had a great night in Mt Vernon and the hotel (Fairfield Inn) was EXCELLENT!! The beds were the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in and the breakfast in the morning was amazing....anything you wanted was there!

So we left about 8:30am on our way to Charleston WV. We didn't know if the road conditions were going to be rough or not, but to our surprise, it was actually very good driving. It was raining/snowing almost the whole drive, but the interstate was clear, just wet. So we were able to keep cruisin at a good 70 mph most of the way!

We stopped to get gas (yes, nathan filled up this time! :) about an hour from Charleston and it was only 3:30 in the afternoon. We traveled in another 4 states, 3 if you don't count Illinois again...Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. We were looking forward to a relaxing night at the hotel.

Well, that all changed once we got into Charleston. All the hotels were booked because of the snow storm, and we mean all the hotels. So we decided we'll just keep heading east until we get to the next town and stop there since the weather wasn't too bad, just wet. Well, we got about 15 miles out of Charleston were the toll booths were and they told us the interstate was closed, we needed to turn around and go back into Charleston!

Ok, that's not so bad, we'll find a place......NOT!

We stopped at several, all booked. I called dozens, all booked. Traffic everywhere, dark out now, snowing now, getting late, no place to stop and to top things off....

Brayan was puking all over.

So with a child who keeps on throwing up and all things going on, with me trying to keep close to Nathan's car, in a city or state for that matter, that we had no idea what was what, we headed back west hoping to find a place to stay....ANY PLACE!!

I was on the phone with my dad and my brother trying to do internet searches and calling hotels to book a room for the night.

Well, after BACK TRACKING for over an hour from the toll booths (which isn't exactly fun after already driving all day!) we had a place to stay, thanks to my parents who called and booked a room for us....the last room in a new 5 story Holiday Inn. We were so happy to be able to be inside, out of the car, off the roads so we could get brayan some new clothes and give us a chance to unwind from the crazy last couple of hours.

The couple who is hauling our camper for us got stuck sitting on the side of the interstate in a line of semis for the night but I'm happy to say that they did arrive to our destination safely today and now are just waiting for us to get there. They told us not to drive today as the roads were still horrible and many many cars/trucks still in the ditches, etc. So we decided to stay here for the day and relax and we'll venture out in the morning.

Nathan thinks it was okay that we stayed least he could watch football :)

So that's my update for now. Hopefully next time I write we'll be safely in Culpeper. I got a internet card for being out there so not exactly sure how good it'll work. Hoping good so I can post again soon.

Thank you for your prayers for safety, they are greatly appreciated!!

Bray Bray is nice and comfy in his 'bed'

Kids jumping on the beds, so happy to be out of the car!

Ariella thinks the beds are comfy...

View of the pool Tiernan and I swam in

View from our hotel room

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