Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

So what do 3 little boys do when they have no toys to play with except their bikes? Make a race track and race each other, of course!!!

I've packed up the kids' toys and sent a few of them to the camper, but have also got rid of a lot because of space, etc. It is amazing but the boys don't even seem to care! They haven't once asked for their other toys! I have about 7 matchbox cars that are floating around the house that all 3 of them play with. Brayan was playing with all of them and as I sat here, I heard Caedmon go up to Brayan and say "Can I have this one?" After thinking about it for a second, Brayan picked it up and handed it to Caedmon! I love that!! They continue to learn to share and I am learning that less is so much more!!

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