Friday, December 4, 2009


I have been dehydrating like mad, tryin' to empty out freezer before we move! Remember a few months ago when I posted about getting all that fruit this summer? You can click here if you don't remember. Well, that was before we knew that we were moving into an RV and would have to sell our freezer!! So those 75 pounds of blueberries, 36 pounds of cherries and 50ish pounds of strawberries have to go somewhere! We've eaten some of course, but we still had a good 3/4 of our deep freezer full of fruit. The last several weeks I have been dehydrating them so they can be a pantry item instead!

Did you know that once you dehydrate blueberries, they can keep up to 8 years in the freezer? And if you vacuum seal them and then put them into the freezer, they can last for 32 years! Holy smokes! I don't plan on keeping them around that long, but it's interesting!! :)

Dehydrated fruit makes such a yummy snack when just eaten by themselves! Or you can put them in muffins, bread, or whatever you are baking! Dehydrated strawberries taste just like...well, strawberry fruit snacks! (imagine that?!)

Today I did 6 tiers of blueberries like this...

And 2 tiers of cherries like this...

And this is what they look like dehydrated and vacuum sealed...they take up a lot less room!!

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Sara said...

My mom had two dehydrators going this summer. Do you know anyone who can lend you another one for a couple weeks? That's a lot of fruit!