Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have a feeling that the last couple weeks we will be here will go by extrememly fast! We got back from MN on Sunday evening about 6pm. The trip went well and it's always nice to be done in the car! Since being home, my time has been spent trying to get things unpacked and packed all at the same time!! Since we won't be going to MN again before heading out East, everything that is still in our house now will either need to come with or get donated, so those are my two piles downstairs. Also, since our bed was brought back to MN, we have been sleeping on a blow up mattress that we borrowed from my parents. It works well and is better than sleeping on the floor but it's a tad smaller than a queen size and it's taking a few nights for our bodies to get used to!

I still have a lot of fruit in our freezer to dehydrate and clothes to get organized, but overall, I'm gettin' ready to go! Here are a couple more pics of the line Nathan worked on.

These babies are tall....some up to 200 ft.

Nathan standing by one of the end structures

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