Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow! My first post in 2010!!

We normally don't do anything special to ring in the new year. Ever since we've had kids we've gone to bed by 9 or so and pretty much treated it like any other day. Well not in Virginia!! We spent last evening over at our 'new but seem like old friends' house eating wonderful munchy type food and playing games. One of their kids asked me earlier in the night "are you guys staying until midnight?" I about spit out my pop. I'm thinking...Midnight?! Do you know how long it's been since I've stayed up until midnight?! I have kids!! 6AM comes rather fast if the clock already says AM when you go to bed. But I just said "um, I don't know?" Well, it's turns out that we did. We rang in the new year with a glass of sparkling grape juice and smiles to go around. All of my kids were still up at midnight....and they were still up at a little after 1 when we finally left too!! But they were soon sleeping in the car for the hour drive home. By the time we got home and got into bed, it was about 2:30am. We were very thankful that the kids slept in til 10!! Yes, my kids....and yes, it was 10:00! WOW!

Here is the view of the mountains from the 'main drag' in town....nice and pretty!

People ask how big our fridge is....I'm not real sure...about this big :) It's a lot smaller than a normal size house fridge but bigger than a dorm fridge. But surprisingly we can get a LOT of stuff in it, we just need to place it stratigically..

We grabbed lunch the other day at Five Guys...Brayan ate mostly ketchup :) Remember this post from last year? He's our ketchup freak.

Gotta love the carts like this one at Lowes. It's the only way I'll take all 4 kids in the store with me by myself. Not a lot of room to put groceries or anything though...

The nice side swipe our camper got before we even moved into it...ugh...

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