Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I did not just celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary with my hubby last night with a date to Chilis! And we did not leave the boys with our friends Matt and Meggan so we could eat in peace. And upon returning home, Matt did not say that they would maybe have one more kid, but that's it! (they have a 2 yr old) Because I'm sure that my kids were not rambunctious at all and they just sat nicely in our friends camper and didn't cause any chaos!

And while eating at Chilis, I totally did not pull out a strand of my hair to use as dental floss to get a piece of food out that was stuck between my front teeth! I mean, who would do such a ridiculous thing in public! Nope! Not me!

After eating supper with the kids, I did not give Nathan my dirty plate to eat his supper off of just to save from having to wash another plate. Nope! I'm never looking at ways to limit my dish washing...Not Me! And I certainly didn't give him my fork as well! Nope! Not me!

Since we've moved here I've been going by my first and middle name for a nice change but I never have a hard time remembering that and often forget to say both names when I introduce myself to people! I mean, who forgets to say their correct name?? Then I don't complete confuse people when I talk to them by correcting them when they only say my first name, as if they had it wrong! Nope, Not Me!

And I have not started to keep our dirty clothes basket in the shower (yes, along with our bananas and oranges) to save room in our bedroom. Nope! Not Me!

And my days never fly by and I never forget to post something on my blog! Nor do I ever forget the things that I was going to post for my Not Me Mondays! Nope! Not Me!

What haven't you been doing this week?

Not Me Monday is a blog carnival created by McKMama.

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