Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I totally do not have to think of creative places to keep things around here, like I do not keep the avacados and bread in the oven to keep them off the counter, nor do I keep the bananas in the shower or Ariella's nuks in the silverware drawer. Nope! Not Me!

I was not completely thrilled when I found a way to fit all 5 loaves in my teeny tiny oven to bake all at the same time! Nope! Not me!

And the reason why I wanted to bake them all at the same time wasn't because my husband and I are obsessed with finding ways to limit our propane use (the oven runs off propane).

I did not wait in line at walmart to make a purchase of 1 item only to find out I was in the "returns" line once I got up to the counter. Then I totally didn't act like I had forgotten the receipt with my husband and excused myself out of line, just to go back to the end of the "check out" line. That would be embarassing...Nope! Not Me!

And I wasn't up ALL night long with a baby who wouldn't stop coughing, a toddler who wet the bed, the same toddler who fell out of his bed all the while listening to the wind bang our awning above our slide making a very loud sound. And all this did not happen on the night before Nathan needed to go to work for the first time this year. Nope!

And I totally did not just make cookies for breakfast. Nope! Not me! (They were healthy breakfast cookies...and the kids didn't think it was totally awesome to have cookies for breakfast!)

And since this full time camper living thing is coming so easily to us (ahem), it did not take us a whole 20 minutes to figure out how to turn on our darn oven. Nope!

Nor did we learn the hard way what happens when your grey tank is full and you continue to wash a load of clothes without emptying it first because you didn't check it before the laundry started. Nope!

What haven't you done this week?

Not Me Monday is a blog carnival created by McKMama.

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