Friday, January 29, 2010

Before the Store

I decided we should go to the store today to get groceries, rather than waiting until Nathan got home since we like our family time.

Here's how getting ready went....

AFTER breakfast, decide to go to the store. Take Ariella's chair off table so table can come down to make bed. Hang blanket from wall with tacks. Build a cave. Finish putting dishes into sink. Tell Caedmon and Brayan to get off Ariella. Fix the cave. Decide to throw supper in crock. Cut up veggies. Fix cave again. Take garbage out. Tell Brayan not to play swords with the table legs. Finish with supper in crock. Tell kids to get their socks on. Tell Tiernan good job. Help Caedmon get socks on. Help Brayan get socks on. Ask Brayan to get Ariella's socks. Thanks Brayan but your socks are too big. Get Ariella's socks myself. Get Ariella dressed. Put Ariella's hair in pony. Get pants on Brayan. Change into my jeans. Brush my teeth. Brush Tiernan's teeth, brush Caedmon's teeth, brush Brayan's teeth, brush Ariella's, wait...she doesn't have any teeth! Tell boys to pick up toys before we leave. Put makeup on...scratch that..go without..don't know anyone anyway! Trip over toys that were supposed to be picked up. Ask if anyone has to go potty. Caedmon goes. Brayan goes. Pull all 7 trucks out of Brayan's pockets so he can sit down. Explain why they need to stay home. Look in mirror. Decide to put earrings in so it doesn't look like I just rolled out of bed. Tell Brayan to quit wrestling with Ariella. Go outside to start the van. Listen to kids cry as I am outside. Come in and decide it's too cold out. Change shirt. Tell kids to quit playing with the heater, again. Tell kids to find their shoes. Put Caedmon's shoes on. Put Brayan's shoes on. Put Ariella's shoes on. Turn lights off. Grab diaper bag. Tell kids to quit playing with the door. Grab Ariella's blanket. Grab Ariella's nuk. Tell kids to go directly to van. Open door. Go to van. Put Ariella in. Tell Tiernan to buckle. Buckle Caedmon. Take 7 trucks out of Brayan's pants, again. Buckle Brayan. Get into van. Hope to come back in one piece!

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