Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flip the Switch

Nathan and I before our Anniversary dinner date!

I forgot to blog about this a couple weeks ago...

Here is another example of us getting used to camper life and how we probably would have given up by now if we didn't live next to friends and co-workers of Nathan!!

The propane ran out during the middle of the night, which is used for our furnace and hot water heater, so before Nathan left for work, he switched tanks. All was well and good until I wanted to use the hot water and it wasn't hot! The water heater needed to be re-lit and I didn't know how to do that. So I waited for Nathan to get home. The only problem was that he didn't remember how to do it either.

Determined to figure it out, we took shifts outside, holding a flame to ignite the pilot where ever we could (I know, probably not the smartest idea when dealing with propane but by that time we were desperate!). I told Nathan to call Matt. He refused. "I've done this before! It's not that hard!" he told me. "Well, then do it!" I said. "I can't remember how I did it!" Ugh....

This continued for a good hour or more. Freezing our hands off holding that darn lighter outside and trying to monkey with the pilot. Nothing was working.

Finally he gave in and called Matthew. He said he'll be right over. A few minutes later he walked over, gave us a smile, walked into our camper (yes, inside), opened the cupboard that has all of our switches in it, and flipped one off then on again. water.

You've got to be kidding! We spent all that time outside and all we had to do was flip a little switch inside?! We've got a lot to learn....

So that's about how it went down. We are finding that we are learning a lot and that things seem like they are going a little smoother when we know how to run stuff, ya know?

So anyway.....

Our weather has been SOOOOOO nice here! Yesterday it was 63 and the day before was 60!....both sunny days! I even hung some clothes out on the line the day before yesterday! I still can't believe it...mid january and I'm hanging clothes on the line, without a coat on, while listening to the birds chirp! Amazing! I could really get used to this!!

A couple days ago we made it over to Nathan's sister's house to hang out for the day. The kids and I had a blast! I hardly saw the kids actually...they were too busy playing with their pong, video games, hide and seek, kickball, building forts, climbing trees....we even went for a walk!

And they even watched the kids while Sarah and I ran to Target and Walmart boyless! :)


Tiernan climbing the tree....and yes, those people are wearing was that nice out!

Here is Ariella starting to get into stuff...she loves to explore!

Oh! And I was going to tell ya that Brayan is potty trained!! Yay!! He's even dry through the night!! And that Ariella is sleeping throught the night now!! (I'll go into detail later with both) For now, it's a great day here!!

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