Saturday, January 30, 2010

Main Bath

No, I didn't forget to give you a tour of the rest of our's just been taking me awhile :)

One of my points of doing this tour was to give you an idea of 'how we make it work'...ya we live with 6 people in a 300 something sq ft home! I didn't really explain our bedroom very well so I'll just go over that quickly and you can look back at the post to see the pics if you need to.

In the closet I have my clothes hanging up, my creative memories stuff on the floor and a storage unit with 3 drawers holding misc stuff (I moved one of the units that was in the pic on the dresser to the closet to make room for our copier/printer on our dresser). Above our closet I have my jeans, skirts and sweatshirts. In the cupboard above our washer/dryer I keep laundry soap, binders with paperwork, etc, a zipped bag with extra blankets, cleaning supplies, and a bin with mailing envelopes, notebook, etc in it. In the cupboards next to the tv, we have books in each one. In the 4 drawers in the dresser we have socks/underwear in top drawers, Nathan's t-shirts in one bottom one and my tank tops in the other. And then under our bed is mostly my sewing stuff...machine, fabric, etc.

And I've tried twice now to load the bathroom pics and it isn't I guess you'll hafta wait til next time to see! I'll try later today...

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