Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Humble Home--Part 1

During the next several days I will be taking pictures and giving you a tour of our RV, aka our home!

Tonight's room that will be toured....the master bedroom!!

The room is a cozy 7 ft by 9.5 ft (plus the closet) with a queen bed and actually plenty of storage, including a cupboard that is home to our washer and dryer. We have 9 inches of walking space on one side of the bed, 12 inches on the other, and 17inches at the foot of the bed.

Our lovely bed, which is part of a slide out. (Little tip for space saving...I'll have lots of these as time goes on!....If you need a place to store your extra sheets, blankets, etc, put them in a pillow case to make decorative pillows! The large pillows on our bed are just stuffed with extra blankets since we don't have any extra pillows b/c of limited space! I should really put a couple more in them to make them fuller, but that's all I did for now...nobody would ever know!

The closet, which is fairly deep and can 'hide' quite a bit of stuff in. I use those hanging organizers to fit a lot of things in. Also the storage above is just as deep so that is home to my skirts and some shirts. Actually, I have the whole closet to myself, Nathan's clothes are in another cupboard right outside our bedroom. The the cupboards on the right are just storage on top and our washer and dryer below.

The washer and dryer. It's a combo unit so as soon as it's done washing, it switches over and starts drying, no changing machines! (Although we found out that the lovely Camping World dealership that we bought the RV from didn't vent the dryer at all so I have been washing my clothes in the evening and hanging them up out in the living room to dry overnight. Yeah, a pain in the butt. They are supposed to be coming out tomorrow to vent it. I mean, really....put a dryer in a closet and don't vent it?!? I was wondering why the first time we dried clothes my walls were soaked! And the funny part is that when we told them about it, they tried to tell us it was a ventless dryer..HA! That's why right on the front of the unit it says "automatic washer and VENTED dryer"....

At the foot of our bed, the dresser with 4 drawers (nevermind the piece of clothing sticking out of one :) and then my 2 three drawer storage units with misc stuff in one and all the kids craft stuff in the other. I covered the fronts of them with a little bit of contact paper to make them not so much of an eye sore. Above those we have a built in storage unit where we keep books on both sides (and a few of Nathan's clothes) and then our TV in the middle. I just bought the TV yesterday actually (that's why the sticker is still on it :) for Nathan for our anniversary (which is next Sunday) and I got the bed spread too. Now we have a little get-a-way retreat in our cozy bedroom for after the kids go to bed. It was important for us to have somewhere for 'our quiet, no-kid time' since we don't have anywhere else to go in here! Now it feels like a little hotel room, we love it! Next to the storage unit I have nailed a hanging organizer to the wall, (brillant...I know!) to hang up shoes and in that little white basket is where we keep our toothpaste and toothbrushes...yes, in the bedroom :)

The other side of the bed where we keep the clock, CD player and a drawer to hold CDs, head phones (so Nathan can listen to Frank Peretti as he falls asleep!...I don't know how he can do that!)

The coolest part of the room....all the storage space under our bed! The bed lifts up real easy since it has those little springs or lift things and I can fit all sorts of stuff (obviously!) under there. It's really mostly all my sewing stuff!

There ya have it! Next up....the main bathroom :)

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