Monday, February 8, 2010

3 days

Instead of doing a "not me" monday post, I'm doing a "i did this" friday-monday post :)

In the last 3 days I have:

-made supper by candlelight
-heated water on the stove to use to wash my hair
-watched my diry clothes pile up
-scrubbed the floor over and over after lots of glass shattered and no vacuum
-had 3 seperate incidents with toddlers and peeing in clothes or on bed
-had 1 incident of baby tipping over potty that was just used
-been really tempted to buckle my kids in the car for awhile so they could watch a movie and sit still
-been really cold at night
-listened to the neighbors generator
-listened to our vehicle run to charge our rv
-learned that you can still use lights and propane if connected to car's battery
-learned that we have an outlet that works like a cirgarette lighter in the car does and will run off battery and doesn't need electricity, meaning I could charge my phone and even watch tv with an inverter!
-not been able to vacuum (HUGE when I usually do it several times a day!)
-listened to trees falling down and branches breaking off due to the heavy snow
-listened to icicles fall
-learned a LOT about what 'real' camping is all about
-bonded more with our neighbors/nathan's co-workers since we all had nothing else to do!
-watched nathan get stuck and unstuck in our driveway
-watched several people get stuck in the campground
-let the kids wear their winter coats inside because they were cold
-watched as my kids each sat on their own vent when the heat turned on
-used water from gallon water jugs to brush teeth, do dishes, flush the toilet..pretty much everything
-tried to explain to my kids over and over why we can't turn lights on, watch tv, flush the toilet normally or turn up the heat
-automatically tried turning on the faucet only about a gazillon times
-was reminded how blessed we are and how easily we can take things for granted
-was worried I wouldn't make it out of the campground today
-was surprised when I actually did
-got all my laundry done by my sweet and generous sister in law who had us over today

And the best thing that has happened in the last 3 days is that our electricity came back on tonight!!! YAY!!! And to top it off...our water works too!! Praise God! THAT was getting real old, real fast!

The not-so-good part? We are supposed to be getting 6-11 more inches of snow tomorrow and tomorrow night....UGH! Does it look like we need more snow?!?

This is the same picnic table I took a picture of before....not too recognizable!

This is NOT a snow drift by the van...that's the actual amount of snow we were getting!

For now, I'm off to sleep in my nice, warm, quiet (no more noisy neighbor generators), bed!!

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