Saturday, February 6, 2010


Imagine you live in a camper, in a campgroud, a few miles away from major roads. Imagine it's snowing HARD and has been snowing going on 2 days. Imagine having 18-24inches of snow on the ground and it's still snowing. Imagine not having a truck. Imagine not owning a shovel. Imagine not having any electricity or running water. Imagine having 5 of your 6 people in your camper needing to use the toilet...which has no water. Imagine only having your furnace and stove run off your battery which will only last 4 hours. Imagine being told you will be without electricity for a couple/few days.

Welcome to our world.


I cleared the snow off the picnic table yesterday morning...

This is what we have to rely on to get us unplowed...yeah...he was trying to get it started and unstuck. And remember, he doesn't use the bucket in front, he just pulls a blade behind him that basically rides on top of the snow...

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Sara said...

Now you're really camping! Sending prayers up for you!