Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This week there was no way that I told my 4 yr old that I would give him 10 cents if he would go wipe his 2 yr old brother's butt when he was done on the potty because I was busy changing a diaper. Nope! Not me!

And while shopping this week with my flock of little kids, Ariella started getting really fussy, which is very out of the ordinary for her. After trying to think of why she was upset, there was no way that I realized that i forgot to feed her breakfast. Nope! I mean, what mother in their right mind would forget to feed their child and then wonder why they were crabby?! Definitely not me! (But then again, I'm probably not in my right mind most of the time!!)

And after buying a gift for Tiernan for his birthday and hiding it in the car, I did not forget to move the gift before we got into the car the next time and he totally did not see it and exclaim with delight that he wanted it! Then I did not try to convince him that it wasn't for him and that I was bringing it back to the store just to try to get him to forget about it. Nope! Not me!

And then I did not find an open sucker in Caedmon's pocket that he got at a friends house the night before which he put there to 'save for later'...ugh...Nope! Not me!

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Carolee / Home4ever said...

Hey a full-time Rv'er!

That is one of the things I am working on for the future!

P.S. I HAVE forgotten to feed the kids breakfast- we do it later and call it brunch. It was planned to be a brunch, I swear :-)