Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Since we can't have typical bed rails on the bunk beds because the bed attaches to the walls and you can't have the safety strap wrap around the bottom of the bed, and because no where else sells rails for camper bunks, this is how we keep the boys from falling out of bed at night....

It is called a bed bumper and it's super cool! You can order them at gobedbug.com. Bascially it's just a piece of foam that goes directly on top of the mattress, under the sheets* and acts as a 'bumper' or wall, keeping them from falling out! I have one like this on each side of the lower bunk for the little boys and then one on the top bunk for Biggie. Easy Peasy!

*Dontcha just love our sheets?! :) They were made especially for our bunks from Gma Barb! Since I didn't want to spend a katrillion dollars on sheets made specifically for camper bunks (they are very long and narrow), I gave my mom my idea and she made them! What was my idea?? Well, after taking the measurements, I thought that they came close to being as wide as a toddler bed/crib mattress. So I measured...and guess what?? They were exactly the same width AND depth!!! So all we needed to do was to cut the crib sheet down the middle and add length to the center so that way we could keep the elastic on the corners! Nice and simple!

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