Sunday, February 28, 2010

one of those days.

Yesterday was definitely "one of those days".

I remember thinking 'is this day over yet?!?' at about 1 in the afternoon, even calling Nathan to see if by chance they were getting off work such luck. Well, my day was about to get even worse...

I had supper done early since it was just soup and had a while before Nathan got home so I figured I'd make some whole wheat donuts (recipe in next post!). As I was frying the donuts on the stove, I noticed that it was getting real smokey in our camper. I looked back at the donuts trying to figure out if it was coming from the pan and didn't see much coming off the pan, but just shrugged my shoulders and turned on the vent above my stove.

A few moments later, I looked around again and noticed that it was even more smokey but didn't smell like anything was burning. 'Well, that's weird!' I thought. All my kids were by me so I knew it wasn't something they were doing. I glanced over to my right and noticed that Ariella's bedroom door was closed...GASP!!! I dashed over there, flew the door open, and found that the heater we keep in her room (with the door usually open so the heat points towards the living room) was face down on the vinyl, still running. I unplugged it and immediately tried to tip it was stuck to the floor! So I ended up peeling it off the floor, and saw that it had burnt two holes in our floor.

I opened the front door, opened the windows and turned the ceiling fan on high. It was super smokey and I was trying to get it all cleared before Nathan got home in a few mins!! I was worried about what he was going to say but actually he wasn't upset at all. He just said that he figured that we'd need to replace all the floors anyway before we sold the rv just because of the stuff he thought that the kids would do to it!

Well, that was the first thing of the night...

To be continued.

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