Tuesday, February 2, 2010


JUST when I post about it being in the 60s, hanging my clothes outside, and listening to the birds chirp, it SNOWS...A LOT!

We got about 8ish inches here the other day and the snow plows in VA are NOT like the snow plows in MN!! Stuff was closed and canceled BEFORE it even started to snow, in anticipation that it was possibly going to start! Crazy!!

And since we are in the mts up here, the roads are nothing but up and down and up and down and around and around, which doesn't mix too well with snow and not really knowing how to plow the snow!

We tried to stop at a friends house on Sunday to get some milk (yes! we found some!..but I'm sworn to secrecy as to where we get it! :) but 1) it took us 2 tries to get up and around a hill with our van and we barely made it...and 2) we couldn't pull in the driveway b/c of the snow so we decided to go back home!

Here are some pics of the snow. The kids loved it! And since we have no neighbors to our one side, we told the kids to stay over there and we just watched from the window! Worked for us!

Areilla watched from the couch :)

This was in the afternoon...it says about 5-1/2 but it continued to snow well in to the night, giving us about 7-8inches.

As you can see, it's dark and still snowing!

We are supposed to get 1-2 more inches tonight...yippee...

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