Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Kitchen

Speaking of kitchen...I have really been enjoying cooking and baking lately and have found myself making stuff without measuring and adding things on the whim, which is something I wouldn't have done before! It's so fun!! I'll hafta include some recipes on here soon, or email me if you are interested! Veggies have been our #1 food lately! So yummy!!

So....Here is our kitchen!

Above the fridge is where I keep the electric griddle, cooling racks, ice cream maker, and a basket full of dehydrated blueberries and cherries (remember? I have a LOT of those!)

Above the microwave is where I keep my pie pan, bread pans, and some misc stuff. Speaking of microwave...they finally came and got it the other day so now we just have a big hole where the microwave used to be! The were supposed to replace it but the one they brought was too small for the space! Why did they have to replace it? Well, because this one had NO buttons on it! That's way to operate it! Crazy huh? Even though we never use a microwave and haven't owned one in years, we wanted it there so we didn't have to deal with it later and it was sold to us with all the appliances 'working' so we wanted them to fix it.

Below the oven is where the hot water controls are. In the big cupboards above the sink is where my cookbooks are plus all the plates, bowls, glasses, pots, blender, food processor, and mixing bowls are. Under the sink you'll find the garbage (imagine that!), baking dishes and pans for the stove.

In the drawers I keep silverware, dish rags, cooking utensils, etc.

And way up on top I bought some valences and hemmed them and hung them on a tension rod to cover up my bigger appliances like my bosch, grain mill, and dehydrator.

Oh, and way on the side (behind our water filter) is a cupboard door that opens and that has all our rv controls behind it...Our slide buttons, our sensors to tell us how full our tanks (even though it doesn't work) and how charged our battery is, and the switch for the water heater...rememeber that??...yeah, that's where it is! It also has the switches for our awning outside and the lights switches for our outside lights as well!

This is our pantry.

On the very top we have a drawer with some misc stuff in it and a basket where I keep office type stuff--paper, tape, ruler, etc. In the top cupboards I have all our vitamins and suppliments, noodles, and a few baking things. in the big middle cupboard is where I keep canned goods, baking items, jars of homemade applesauce and jam, spices, and pretty much anything else that doesn't belong in the fridge :) In the bottom cupboards I have 2 baskets for onions and potatoes and then a basket that holds our central vac hose and attachments.

Next up?...."Dining Room" if it were a seperate room...ha!

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Jessica said...

It's lookin pretty homey :)