Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Tiernan!

Wow! Our oldest is 5!!! And we had such a fun time celebrating yesterday! We started out the day at a place here in town that is filled with blow up slides, obstacle courses and stuff to bounce in! It reminded me a lot of our day spent at the Bounce Depot over a year ago but this place was even a little bigger! It was Mom/child day at Fun N Beyond and it just happen to land on Tiernan's birthday so what a great excuse to go bounce (plus we got a discount!...and there was hardly anyone there!) We got there shortly after 9am and left a little around 11am. My kids had a BLAST! Even Meggan and Emmitt were able to come with!

This was their favorite thing...obstacle course with a climbing wall that you needed to clmib in order to go down the extremely steep slide at the end!

Brayan climbing that wall all by himself!! I didn't think he was tall enough to reach but Nathan told Brayan he wasn't going to help and that he needed to do it on his own...and he did!

Tiernan going down one of the slides

The party crew!! (yes, my boys are all in orange...easier to spot that way, remember? :)

After Fun N Beyond we went to Chick-Fil-A to eat and they played more in the play place there. Then we ran some errands and finally made it home early afternoon. I thought for surely my boys would be sleeping by the time we got home, but noooooo, no one slept. (Caedmon did end up napping for about a half hour once we got home, but that was it!) But the best part was that Nathan got off work early for some reason yesterday and since you got an ALL DAY pass at Fun N Beyond (I just wore a wrist band), we were able to go back in for a while with Dad before bible study!!...and there was only 1 other family there! We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves!

The kids ran around again and had even more fun with Dad!

I think I will definitely be going back there. It was well worth the money to have my kids run, run, run and bounce, bounce, bounce constantly for hours!!! Especially since they don't exactly get to do that in the camper!!

Even the adults had fun!!

Meggan bouncing!

Nathan bouncing!

Nathan sliding!

I was resting! Climbing that wall and going thru the obstacle course is hard work!

Lisa came over and gave Tiernan a gift...he loved it!!! (He also got some stuff from Gmas and Gpas in the mail but I'll post about that later!)

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Shanni ♥ said...

We rent a bouncer every year for Ace's birthday

You can see examples here

Those places are just TOO MUCH FUN! We have a place like that in one of the malls up here, Ace gets so excited when he see's it! Your kids are all so cute!

I was telling my husband about your blog last night! He said you are 2 brave brave souls haha