Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tent time

"Let's make a tent!"

This is something that I hear often. But how exactly do you keep making tents that are different to keep it fun, in a camper?

Well this is what I came up with for the last one.

I dropped the table down to make a little play area behind the blanket and then tacked the blanket to the top of our slide, making a "wall"!

We even did shadow puppets when the sun was shining in the windows!

The other night the kids were all piled in the boys' room making a mess (obviously!). Well one of the things that Ariella did was clean out the boys' drawer with all their underwear and socks in it. You can't really tell from the picture but on her head is a pair of Caedmon's underwear! Opening the door to this was extremely hilarious!! She just crawled right out of there with those little army undies on her head!

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