Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday & more!

I did not get woken up early by my husband the other morning saying "Dawn! Come here!" only to find that he needed my help to open the child-proof locks on our pantry. I guess they work well!

I also did not go to the fitness center in town and sign up for a family membership only to go in the next day and cancel it. I mean, a person should really have their mind made up before they sign up for anything and not try to surprise their husband with it, so I certainly didn't do that. And if I did do that, I certainly wouldn't have tried to keep all 4 kids corraled by me the whole time they were doing the 'new membership' process to me during sign up. Nope! Not me!

And I did not have to put flowers from my sweet husband yesterday in a blender because we don't own a vase. Nope! Not me!


Speaking of the kind of gets overshadowed anyway by the beautiful 18 roses Nathan came home with last night for Valentines Day!! Dontcha think?! And they weren't exactly a surprise since Nathan called me on the way home and told me he needed to stop for gas....yeah, I know better. He did get gas, but it took him almost 45 mintues to get home when it should have only taken 30 at the most. He said he messed up and shouldn't have called at all :) That's okay, I'll take the flowers anyway. They smell amazing!

My gift to Nathan was supposed to be that membership to the fitness center but since we decided to cancel it..ahem..I made him a lemon meringue pie instead :) There's one piece left.


Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my grocery store here?!? Well, I do! They have SO much variety and the store is big and clean and new and they have organic everything! But here is another reason I love it!

And that is how we roll!...through the grocery store that is! I can have all 3 boys strapped in and Ariella snug in the back. And when I say 'snug', I mean SNUG! She pretty much fills the back but once I get $150 worth of groceries in there, she's pretty much buried :)

Brayan in time out....hehe


Here is another pic of the snow amount that we got. This is Nathan's co-worker Matthew's car.

It took a little while to get it shoveled out.

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